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Baseball & Marketing - More Than Keeping Score

Posted on August 28, 2018 at 2:45 PM

As any baseball fan knows, the game for die-hard followers is all about statistics. The level of detail in the gathering and analyzing of these numbers can be off-putting and distracting to casual observers of the game; but to baseball purists, it’s a part of what makes baseball – well, baseball. Hitting stats like RBIs, walks, home runs and extra base hits coupled with pitching data such as ERA, strikeouts, wins, losses and saves provide the metrics used to measure performance.

In much the same way baseball’s offense and defense work together and play off one another; marketing’s two sides, the creative and the analytical, must also mesh well together to get desired results. Creative content and imagery mean nothing to a company if they don’t drive prospects and customers to purchase a firm’s offerings after all.

Of course marketing analytics measure the performance of campaigns being used; but the data can also help provide valuable feedback for campaign corrections. For instance, by clearly defining the level of success of each campaign - so that they may be continued, revised to capitalize on certain market segments or offers that are responsive, or discontinued altogether if not getting desired results.

Content marketer Nick Nelson discovered ‘4 Marketing Lessons Learned from Baseball,’ “A fortuitous series of circumstances led to my involvement as a co-founder of Twins Daily, which now counts itself as one of the nation’s biggest completely independent fan sites covering a pro sports team. Through five years of ups and downs with this passion hobby and labor of love, I’ve gained some insights that prove indispensable in my day job as a content marketer."

His highlights and lessons learned:

  • Hit the Ground Running – Generate Momentum & Excitement through Great Informative Content
  • Feed Your Audience What it Wants – Consult Analytics & Metrics to let Readers Guide You
  • Events Fuel Engagement – Hold Informal Gatherings for Blog Readers
  • Do What You Can with What You’ve Got – Use Creative & Entertaining Ways to Inform Readers

And, ‘Bring it Home,’ continually challenge and engage readers “don’t just collect them like baseball cards.” This will help to make connections with readers deeper and more meaningful – leading to better metrics thorough insightful and informative content.

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